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an All-Day Retreat 

We carry a lifetime of stories in our bodies. Some stories move and rest easily within us, becoming rich grist for the workings of our lives. Some stories get buried because we are not ready to hear them or the world around us rejects them. These stories remain heavy and thick and can cut us off from feeling the full range and richness of life's experiences. When we take time to listen to our bodies and attend lovingly to what we hear we increase our capacity for love, passion and purpose. 

During our time together guidance will be offered in different ways of listening to our bodies—guided meditation, movement, and gentle yoga. A safe and sacred space will be created at both ends of the day for the setting of our intentions and for hearing the stories that rise up and ask to be told. Options will be provided throughout the day for working alone or in small groups, to work deeply and silently, or to give voice to experience. 

This retreat will be a refreshing opportunity to think less, relax deeply, and perceive core truths stored deep in our own experiences. Expect play, laughter, introspection, and discovery. No experience with yoga or circles is needed. The space will be warm, comfortable,  and filled with light.

No Listening to the Stories Our Bodies Hold retreats are currently scheduled. Contact me if you are interested in a custom retreat for you and a few friends.

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