Heart Speak Circle for Men and Women

Heart Speak Prayer

We wish to show up now with brave and open hearts
to create the conditions of safety, love and light
so that we can express our heart’s truth and
feel it’s messages in our bodies.
Give us the compassion and love to be
sacred witnesses to each other.
When our heart’s clench with fear
and our minds race to find the “right” words,
let us tenderly reassure our hearts,
pausing to feel the love that surrounds us,
giving time and space for our heart’s words to emerge.
And let us remember to offer the benefits of this time together
to all we touch and beyond.


There are currently no Heart Speak Circles scheduled. Please contact me if you would like me to facilitate a circle for you, your organization, family or community. I will lead your circle for a small donation or barter arrangement.  annie(at)soulflares.org

What is a Heart Speak Circle?

My favorite part was the circle at the end of the day. I am always struck by the beauty in each person and the struggles and joys so many of us share. I left feeling so blessed to be heard and loved and equally to have witnessed and love each in our circle. This highlighted for me how important it is to have the opportunity to speak your truth in the safety of love and non-judgement and how few people have experienced this blessing. I am filled with gratitude!

"Listening to the Stories our Bodies Hold" participant.

wswk-2011.jpgRight this moment, somewhere in the world, a group of men and women are sitting in a circle to grieve, to tell stories, to hold council, to witness, and to celebrate. While the idea may sound foreign to some it is part of our ancestral memory. We have been gathering in circles since the beginning of humankind and recently more and more people are joining circles or starting their own.

Sitting in circle allows us the time to remember ourselves, to witness others and to allow to arise in us what needs witnessing. It is a process of unfolding, relaxing and letting go. It is a time to focus heart energy on the things in us and in our lives that need our compassionate attention. It does not matter where you are on your journey or whether you are "spiritual" or not; the circle is a place to be exactly where your are and who you are. This means that you always have the option to simply sit and witness without sharing or participating. 

Every circle is a little different, reflecting the intentions and energies of the facilitator and participants. The intention of Heart Speak Circles is to create a safe and gently structured space for each person to connect with the truths that live in his/her heart. Here are just a few ways we create the conditions for our hearts to speak: grounding, gratitude, offering, witnessing, sharing, story telling, reflection, expression, affirmation, creation. 

These are the basic elements of every circle:

  1. Becoming embodied, slowing down, feeling ourselves and every moment. 
  2. Wholeheartedly welcoming ourselves and each other to the circle. Giving thanks.
  3. Invoking our guides and/or energies that feel supportive. 
  4. Opening ourselves up to the experience and connecting to the circle. 
  5. Meditation, movement or guided creative activity.
  6. Sharing and Witnessing
  7. Giving thanks to our guides and each other. 
  8. Closing blessing or song. 
  9. Moving back into our center. 
  10. Releasing the circle.

Every circle is a miracle. It our greatest joy to see people recognize their own Essence, their beauty, and to see the beauty in others. As facilitators as well as participants we hold a loving, non-judgemental, safe space in order for this process to happen. We act as witnesses, guides and co-travelers, not as teachers or gurus.  

To nurture a soulful, creative life that is of benefit to others we need to reconnect tenderly with ourselves. Heart Speak Circles is a gift you can give yourself once or twice a month.  Come join us for celebration, connection and growth.

approach is informed by nearly 20 years of Circle leadership and participation, including training at the Institute for Circle Work and 11 years of leading 3-day retreats around the country. She earned her Masters in Mindfulness for Educators in December of 2016. She is an Energy Medicine and Reiki II Pracitioner, Writer and Level II Modern Mindfulness student. She has a special interest in rites of passage work for all types of transitions, ages and gender. Visit here for feedback on her work from past participants.



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