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In this section of our website we offer a set of tools and training opportunities for you to create your own Heart Speak Circle. We offer a very short distillation of the basics of the circle in the form of a one-page pdf that you can download below. Please email me if you'd like to be notified when this part of the website is updated. annie(at)

Here is a list of resources. More will be added!

My History with Circles:

In 1995, I joined my first women's circle. In 2004 I began leading my own weekend retreats using the concept of the sacred circle as a tool for transformation. In 2006, I attended a weekend circle retreat called "Women and Healing" with Jalaja Bonheim of the Cirlclework Institute and discovered that my unique style of facilitation was actually a natural, remembered way that lived in my blood memory. In 2007, I attended a week-long Circlework leadership training with Jalaja, and received Reiki II traning that increased my skills and my dedication to this work. In the past few years I have received training in Energy Work and Mindfulness Practice  to further inform the Heart Speak circle process. Today I work with others to start their own  circles, to help rekindle their deep memory of what comes naturally to humans.

Of all the positive factors that have "saved" my life, the circle has been the most powerful. No place have I been able to access my truth and feel held by community than in the circle.

Please contact me with any questions or comments at annie(at)

More Resources


Institute for CircleWork

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