Soul Flares Circles and Retreats

Right this moment, somewhere in the world, a group of men and women are sitting in a circle to grieve, to tell stories, to hold council, to witness, and to celebrate. While the idea may sound foreign to some it is part of our ancestral memory and collective experience. We have been gathering in circles since the beginning of humankind and recently more and more people are joining circles or starting their own.

Soul Flares was born out of the desire to increase the power of the individuals' intention to serve potently and joyfully in the world by providing the circle as a clarifier and amplifier of those intentions as well as a place to "practice" the expression of that intention. In support of this desire, Soul Flares offers two types of circles and an intensive retreat.

The Heart Speak Circles: The Heart Speak Circle process reveals the truth of our heart's experience, including the nature of our shadow/light and of the veils that obscure our true nature or essence. This process unfolds within the structure of a committed group who meet once a month to practice embodiment, witnessing and truth-telling together. Once we make contact with our true nature we are given the opportunity to express its intention and have that intention held and amplified by the circle.

November - April, 1st Mondays*, 5:45 - 7:45 PM.(*March will be the 2nd Monday)  This circle is now closed. Please come to our 3rd Fridays Open Heart series to sample the circle experience and our style of facilitation. Or email us at info(at) for information about upcoming series. Visit here for more information. 

Open Heart Circles: Open Heart Circles provide a space to offer or to experience someone else's expression of their true nature, their light. It is critical in our work to be fully actualized humans to "practice" this expression before we bring it out into the world. Open Heart Circles provides the bridge between coming into contact with our own true nature as part of a personal evolution to offering that expression in the world. Each month, we will offer a different way to "practice" this expression so that someday we might live it. We will also use this time as a way to create ritual for our own evolution as it is needed. Join our mailing list to learn about our schedule for these circles.

October - AprilThird Fridays, October thru April, 5:45 - 7:45. During these circles a variety of circle approaches will be offered— dance, toning, meditation, singing, etc — offered by local practitioners and/or members of the Heart Speak Circle Series. Sliding scale donation of $5-$20.  Join our mailing list to hear about these events as they are scheduled.

Reconnecting With Our Wild Souls: These 3-day workshops were first offered in 2003 as a way for people the time and space to move more deeply into the process of reconnecting with their true nature. "Wild Souls" is a term used to represent the original dense, earthly expression of self — the form through which true nature is expressed. The goal of these retreats is to both provide ways to access our true nature as well as the opportunity to express it. These retreats offer both Heart Speak and Open Heart circle experiences as well as solitude and time in nature to allow for greater access to our Essence. Visit here for feedback from participants.

Currently, no retreats are scheduled. If you have interest in this retreat, please contact us at info(at) and sign up for our newsletter to hear about new offerings.

These circles are welcoming to people of all ages, spiritual inclination and gender. 

All circles will be held at Sacred Mountain Studio in Burlington, Vermont. I am sorry to report that currently, this space is not wheelchair accessible. Please contact us if you would like assistance getting to our space. To register for a circle, follow the links below. Please write to us with any questions at info(at) 

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What are the Benefits of Circlework?

From the Institute for Circlework, founded by Jalaja Bonheim:

  1. Teaches the skillful use of the circle as a medicine that heals individuals and communities and supports inner and outer peace.
  2. Is deeply nurturing and inspires hope and inner peace.
  3. Improves our communication skills.
  4. Strengthens our commitment to the practice of kindness.
  5. Raises our capacity for receptivity and deep listening.
  6. Transforms our relationship to judgment and teaches us new ways of working through conflict.
  7. Fosters authenticity.
  8. Encourages courage.
  9. Raises our awareness of how we are all interconnected.
  10. Dissolves prejudice by connecting us with people who are "different" from ourselves.
  11. Allows people of diverse faiths to share spiritual communion.
  12. Provides spiritual community for people who have no religious affiliation.
  13. Heals old wounds that prevent us from fulfilling our potential.
  14. Aligns us with the natural rhythms of our bodies.
  15. Helps us access and share our collective wisdom.
  16. Helps us clarify our intentions and goals, and find our sense of direction.
  17. Builds community.
  18. Empowers us to make our unique contribution to the world.
  19. Encourages acts of courage.
  20. Connects people around the planet.