Letters from an Open Heart

Almost 10 years ago I began to offer my writing to others. I didn't fancy myself a writer, but understood that a few very important things happen when we are willing to share our truth with others. We feel connected, less lonely. We develop more compassion for ourselves and others. We change the lense in the glasses through which we view our lives. We glean messages from hard times. We forgive ourselves. 

These letters reflect a journey that is never "finished", although at times my writing makes it sounds like I think it is. If you were to read them all, you would hear recurring themes and wonder why I didn't learn the lesson the first, second or third time. Sometimes I sound full of myself, other times I can barely get out a squeek. But all are as truthful as I could possibly be.

Enjoy the archives and offer your feedback. I always enjoy hearing others' voices and stories.

Blessings to you,



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