Why Donate to Such a Small NonProfit?


Soul Flares is a 501(3)c nonprofit. It is a very small nonprofit—5,000 members in all. It is part of the wave of small organization in our world that work to tilt the scales towards positive change. The people we reach are inspired and supported by what Soul Flares offers and spread that light in every part of their lives, causing a poweful ripple effect.

We don't often hear about the small good works being done, but they are as important as the big, well funded work. If you don't feel compelled to donate to Soul Flares today, consider donating to another small nonprofit that does move you. Just $20 will make a real difference to them or to us.

Please visit here to read the essay that inspired the name "Soul Flares" and informs our work.

Your donation will be used to support Soul Flares retreats, Heart Speak Circles, community outreach and web and print published inspiration. Every donation is tax deductible. 
Blessings to you.

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Posted by Maggie Kaplan on
So pleased to read that you are revitalizing SoulFlAirs after "Invoking your Pause." It has been my pleasure to,follow you over the years and to share the retreat at Commonweal several years back! Keep listening to your heart and to your instincts! Taking a pause opus so important for each of us....so vital that in fact I have created a nonprofit called Invoking the Pause to deal with climate change issues (www.invokingthepause.org)

Keep up your calling! Xoxo, Maggie
Posted by Barbara Schwartz on
Awhile ago I looked all over for you. Perhaps you were still in bud form. I was delighted to find you blooming in my inbox today. So delighted. I refer to Pausing for Beauty 2007 Daybook & Planner all the time for inspirational quotes and loved the one you used today in your email. In part with inspiration from you, my buds sprang open last May and I began a morning prayer blog (morningprayerblog.blogspot.com.) First it was just to a few friends and then a to a long email list and now to a wider readership. Please read my blog posts for February and March when you have a chance. Perhaps something will work to include in your newsletters. Sometimes it's hard to keep faith with ourselves. I am happy to hear you've found it impossible not to listen to your bones and your heart. Barbara
Posted by Peter on
I struggle with my "authenticity" every day, due in large part to grief and depression. Soul Flares became an important touchstone for me, and I am so very pleased to find you again! Thank you for answering your call, as it were. Funny place, this universe of ours...
Posted by annie on
Thank you for taking the time to write your comments! I am so encouraged and inspired by your sharing. Blessings to you.
Posted by Kathi on
I so appreciated your words today, July 2, about the feelings that well up with change and movement in one's life. Very helpful to me in the midst of a move from our home community of 40 years to a new home and life in the community where our daughter and other family live. My husband and I are taking this leap with a commitment to a sense of adventure in our lives, closer connection with a Buddhist community we are drawn to, and closer proximity to family. It's exciting and scary and brings up lots of old feelings about moving, past grief, etc. So thank you for the acknowledgement of difficult feelings as I'm working with acceptance that they would be part of this time of transition and letting go and moving into an uncertain, but promising new time of life! Best wishes to you on your summer cycling adventure with your husband! Kathi

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